Travel, who does not like travel? Destination Mustique

How did I get to my destination Mustique? Back in 2012 I decided to combine my two passions of photography and travel and offer my photography service for family shoots abroad. The reaction I got from fellow photographers was ‘That’s never going to work’, ‘why would people book you to join THEM on holiday?’

Well… I came from a place ‘I’ve got nothing to lose’.

Soon after I made the decision to be a destination photographer I put it out there and within days I did a photo shoot with a client and mentioned ‘I am a destination photographer’, the fact that I had not done any photography was not an issue. My client introduced me to friends who own a place in Mustique and to make a long story short; we built up a rapport, I photographed the family’s children, mentioned that it was my biggest dream to go to Mustique (I grew up in a family who knew all about princess Margaret and her Mustique) and 6 months later I was on a flight to Mustique.

So, making your dreams reality? Well, if you really want it, you have a good chance of making it happen.

Of course, afterwards I get the reactions ‘Oh, it’s a one off’, ‘that was just luck’. Really? Well, let me tell you next about my photo shoot at a chateau in St Tropez, 8 months after Mustique.

It is an honour to be people’s photographer at their special destination, for this special occasion. I’m with you yet not visibly with you. I’m easygoing and part of the family yet not overbearing and often you won’t notice me. I meet so many wonderful people who trust me to be their photographer. Whether it’s their holiday, special occasion, wedding or personal branding.