Archerfield Spa in Scotland

Archerfield Spa in Scotland

Recently I was commissioned to do styling photography at Archerfield Golfclub Spa in Scotland.

Although I was offered to be flown to Scotland I decided to drive, firstly because of the equipment I decided to take with me and secondly, as my passion is travel in every possible way, I love the freedom of driving, knowing that I can stop whenever, wherever and therefore enjoying the journey.

Yes it was a long journey, a good 6 hours drive and I loved it, especially when I drove off the motorway, past Newcastle and immediately the air was different, I waved to the Angel of the North.

The next two days were an absolute joy; not only is the Spa the most beautiful retreat I have ever experienced, the wonderful aroma that lingered from the exquisite candles and oils, would want you to stay there.

The team were marvellous and I definitely will be back for hopefully some more photography and some pampering!

Just have a look at the images and if you ever want a weekend away with the girls, your partner or just you, this is definitely a place to consider. Did I tell you it’s part of the Archerfield Golf Club? Have a look at If you are looking for stylish photography that in an informal yet professional manner please contact Abby Wilkes Photography on 0121 745 99 26 or e,ail on