Personal branding

Personal branding

The energy! I feel; I’m an energy photographer, is that even a term? By being in tune with my own energy, I am more in tune with my client’s energy and their passion. Personal Branding with personality;  it’s the personality that shines in my personal branding photo shoot and with personality!

I love your stories! Why do you do what you do? What excites you in life? Tell me your story and through your beautiful energy I see YOU. All I hear and see comes together when I pick up my camera and we start translating this to the camera.  It’s a beautiful example of our utmost teamwork.

Here comes  wonderful Rachel, not only is she the co-founder and COO of Joinair, an online HR management system, she a tour de force with a beautiful energy and I so wanted to capture this in the images. It does not stop there; she also has political aspirations. Rachel was looking for professional images without losing who she truly is which makes her so unique.

We had a fun photo shoot, but let Rachel tell you how her experience was in her own words:

“I contacted Abby because two of my good friends had recommended her, and they were right to do so. Abby is a delight to work with. She understood intuitively what I needed, which was to create imagery for my business and speaking profile marketing materials. I didn’t want the standard grey suit and boardroom shots. I wanted to look professional, but approachable and also convey my own identity.

Abby took a lot of time to get to know me as a person, asking intelligent and perceptive questions about what is important to me and how my business works. This was way above and beyond what I’d expect from a photographer. The result is stunning images that I can use in a variety of settings, and that present me in a new light (much better than I expected). These days image is everything in professional life. I feel confident that I can pitch for business with a the best images behind me to back up my claims.”