The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Leading with soul.

We all experience this once in a full moon. You walk into a room, meet amazing women and men and there is this one person that keeps drawing your attention. You haven’t even spoken to this person, do not know who he or she is.

When I met Karin Bosveld, that’s exactly what happened to me. My gut feeling told me I had to speak to her. What unfolded is amazing, one of them is that we are from the same, very small, village in The Netherlands, yet we met in London. Furthermore I felt I had known Karin for ages, possibly several lifetimes and it was only a natural flow for me to capture Karin, who is the most beautiful white witch and who is so beautifully aligned with soul that those who deal with fear and doubt in such a way that it stops them from reaching their true potential. Karin is a changemaker, she will support you becoming the person you truly are; you are needed, it’s time.
For more information, Karin’s website (Dutch and English version)

Straight after our photo shoot Karin wrote me this wonderful testimonial:

I have honestly not met a photographer whom I trust so completely as Abby. With her, I can not only simply be me (meaning I completely lose the self-consciousness I can feel in front of other cameras), but be the most beautiful, bold and daring version of me. With her quick eye for beauty, light and the essence of your being, her enthusiasm and fun spirit, she really brings out your soul. She loves the camera, she loves the process, and most of all she loves her subject. She is fully committed to making you sparkle.
It is such an effortless joy working with her, and every shot is a hit!
I cannot praise or recommend her highly enough.

Karin Bosveld, awakener of women’s inner wisdom and true wild spirit


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