It was only in 2011 that I decided to combine my passion for travel and photography and offer a unique service of destination photography for my clients. Whether it is for a photo shoot to capture a special family holiday, an anniversary or to capture them being in a wonderful location.

Never would I have imagined that soon after I was given the wonderful opportunity to go to Mustique in the St Vincent and Grenadines to spend some time with my wonderful client who asked me to capture the island, the villa they stayed at and their family and friends.

I have been dreaming of going to Mustique since I was a little girl. At home in Holland my mother was very much into the British Royal Family and I read the articles, saw the images and I was especially taken by Princess Margaret because there was something different about her. It’s her free spirit, away from the ordinary, that made me curious to learn more about her and her love for Mustique.

My time on Mustique was amazing, inspirational. I met wonderful people and I am very grateful to my clients for giving me this opportunity.

If you are going on a once in a lifetime holiday or a special destination, why don’t you contact me and have a chat how I can create ART from your life’s amazing experience; +44 (0)7966 867306.