Master Jack

Master Jack

Master Jack I have to say, I love your determination, I love your ‘I can see you’ look, and moreover I love your belief that your wonderful mum is the best and the only one who can make you smile, as you’re are so right. How lucky are you to have her as your mum.

You made me come back several times to capture you in all your glory; the songs we sang, we even danced, we played peekaboo, drank more coffee than planned due to the number of breaks we took, yet you did not deter me. Yes, we had planned to capture your amazing smile that you are known for, yet you decided to go a different route.


That is absolutely fine Master Jack , as  you have not been able to fool me:  I adore  you. So without much further ado, here is Master Jack.


Mum wrote a wonderful testimonial after our photo shoot:

Abby came highly recommended and from initial conversations through to the arrival of our wonderful images, I would only say the same.

She has a naturally intuitive and sensitive style which tuned into what we were looking to achieve and she then worked with us to capture this beautifully. This helped me to relax and focus on my son.

She was very flexible thus ensuring the very best conditions.

Jack was not the easiest of models – you’d never know from the images. And that’s down to Abby. Her immense skill is hidden behind a very calm way of working. Yet you can trust the results will be superb. I was both surprised and delighted!

The final presentation surpassed my hopes and captures his wonder at this precious time.

We plan another shoot as a family in the summer.