Magical at Coughton Court –

Magical at Coughton Court –

It was magical at Coughton Court for Abby Wilkes Photography; I met a most soulful mum with her wonderful daughters.

I am so blessed with the wonderful clients I photograph and I do not need to mention much about this photo shoot; I received a testimonial from this mum afterwards:

“I just wish I could text you a 1,000,000,000 ‘thank you’ in every language in the world, for meeting you and coming into our lives, having an amazing day, an experience of a lifetime at Coughton Court, with your photo shoot. You made it so special and happy, the photos are beyond beautiful, captivating, timeless, beauty, to treasure, every day in every way, to be looked at by us all and their future children and grand children and they will tell them Abby is amazing and she inspired us to keep reaching up to the stars in many ways. My heart is full of grateful thanks, pride and joy of captivating images of my beautiful daughters. The world is a better, brighter place with you in it.”

I am humbled by these words and feel very grateful.

What I try and create are not just images, they are a legacy for future generations in telling a story of the Art of Life. Whether it’s through beautiful wall art or a stunning album.

When was the last time you had images taken of your precious family? Why don’t you give me a call on 0121 745 99 26 or email me on to see how I can create a legacy for you and your family.