teenager’s lifestyle

teenager’s lifestyle

I LOVE TEENAGERS! Their zest for life, the spirit, the feeling great in their own skin, the confidence and seeing the hunger for life in their eyes. The fun and daring to just let go and totally trusting me.

Thanks to the wonderful weather out there (rain, rain) a photo shoot was unfortunately postponed so it gave me the time to edit a photo shoot I had been longing to edit.

I could not have done it without you youngsters! We had such a blast! I get you how you just want to enjoy life. Yes education is important of course, yet life in its full glory and the life lessons that come your way, are in my humble opinion as important as eduction. Whether it’s finding your own path, understanding and being yourself in this, sometimes, overwhelming, world where so much expectation is put upon your shoulders.

Enjoy the free spirited souls that you are and don’t let anyone try to diminish that. You all have it, trust yourself, you are good enough! Life will throw all kind of mud towards you yet don’t forget it will only throw at you what you can handle; you’re strong, see it as a lesson and an opportunity to grow and move towards your true identity and purpose.

You will be fine.

With love

It’s such an important time in their lives, being a teenager, still the remnants from their childhood, careful steps into adulthood, which is easier when you are with precious mates and soul sisters. Let me capture the true souls that your and your friends, your siblings and your children are. Why don’t you contact me on +44 (0)121 745 9926 or email me on abby@abbywilkes.com. I would be honoured to photograph the true spirit