…I love her enthusiasm …

…I love her enthusiasm …

A chance meeting with Abby in a coffee shop in Solihull, as we both shared Mother’s Day treats with our respective children, developed into a friendship that I sincerely hope will continue to go beyond a very professional photoshoot, with my stunningly captured, Little Ones.  

 Abby and I spontaneously opened up to one another rather rapidly in a way, quite often, only women can grasp. An ‘off the cuff ‘ polite comment, lead to a lively, insightful conversation leaving  me  feeling connected and rejuvenated. Abby’s personality and this capacity to connect, resonates in her photography click to read more. Although my children are aware of Abby’s job,  they refer to her as ‘Mommy’s Friend,’  first and foremost, as opposed, to ‘the lady that took the photos for Mommy’. Abby took time to get to know my children, collecting them from school with me after visiting my home. This was in order for me to try to convey ‘who we were ‘ and the essence of what we held dear. Lofty expectations on my behalf perhaps, however I had been very disappointed in a shoot with someone else and was ‘desperate ‘ to capture their rapidly changing ‘babyness’ ( we even looked through their wardrobes together and their favourite things in the playroom) Abby just got it !!

The children warmed to her straight away, responding to her humour and the way she let them know that she was listening very intently to them and was holding in such high esteem EVERYTHING !  that they were saying. They were looking forward to going on an adventure with her !

The shoot itself lasted for a couple of hours. She literally just took them walking with a limited amount of props, however her style was such that they did not feel under any pressure to smile/perform for the camera. It rather reminded me, of the type of delightful role play that you see the brother’s John and Michael getting up to in Peter Pan. Whilst I sat observing them from afar, Abby lead the way to some fun in the long grass observing whatsoever took their fancy along the way.

In short meeting Abby has been a wholly satisfying experience. I love her enthusiasm and wicked wit and would gladly entrust the photography of any event or family session to her and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Clair O.