Hollywood meets Mustique

Hollywood meets Mustique

The place where Hollywood meets Mustique with two wonderful girls

One of the highlights of 2012 was definitely going to Mustique, www.mustique-island.com,  thanks to my wonderful clients making this happen. They now have many amazing images
of their family to treasure for many years to come. The girls looked like stars: Hollywood meets Mustique.

Yes we were a little naughty yet this was so much fun. Jumping and dancing on the freshly made bed. From tickling to rubbing noses and making tunnels on the bed with sheets. Yes, the room was a bit of a mess but we laughed so much and the girls still talk about it. Don’t you remember when you were younger that although you were not supposed to do it and when an adult say that you can, it’s so much fun and the challenge is to stay on the bed with the two of you so team work is definitely required!

You are both fab, you give so much joy, from the laughter, holding hands, teaching you how to hold a rabbit, to diving into the swimming pool. You are already so grown up for your age yet when we are truly playful you wonderful youth and childlike qualities easily emerge again.

These girls are gorgeous inside out; they are like film stars in an idyllic location; Hollywood meets Mustique