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Lifestyle UK

The moment I park the car I know it’s going to be a special one; the setting is out of this world. Love the energy and vibe of this family; special family time in Warwickshire; relaxed, laughing own jokes, not taking life too seriously.

I do not pose children, I only direct. First of all let them be themselves, let them be free range children. Furthermore, do play, be naughty (the ‘within reason’ kind of naughty) and laughter and most importantly being yourself.

A beautiful summer’s evening is the amazing backdrop of the photo shoot, consequently I am totally in my zone of happiness and totally going with the flow.

It might be getting colder where you are, it might be cold for a long period of time, yet let’s be positive and let’s start planning for those gorgeous summer days!

Time flies, don’t forget to create memories with you precious ones.

If you want to have an informal chat how we can make it happen for you and your family, please do not hesitate to contact me on, the contact page on this website or why not give me a call on 07966 867306.