A gorgeous family photo shoot

A gorgeous family photo shoot

The moment I drove to my client’s house I knew this was going to be a special family photo shoot. What a beautiful area, so much green, look at those gorgeous tree lines and just seeing sheep makes me feel very homely and ‘in the country’ as if I’m on holiday.

Both children were ready and immediately we hit it off very well. We went for a wonderful long walk through the fields, played Peter Pan and conquered Captain Hook several times, which sealed the brotherly and sisterly bond, and what an adventure!

It’s great to be led by children who show you their view of what they love and where they would like to go to, to have their photo taken. We chased sheep (not that they were bothered), totally tickled each other which was great fun until it was my turn to be tickled!

What a glorious afternoon it was and then mum and dad joined us and we walked around the area. I was totally in awe of the beauty of the place and discovering it is only 10 mins from where I live and I did not know it existed!

Not surprisingly I took my family back there and we went for a long morning walk and after our own adventure stopped at the local convenient store, chatted with the owner and got some local produce; total bliss.

The parents’ testimonial: “Looking through Abby’s portfolio it became obvious that her work is very different to anything else we have seen before so we immediately booked her for our family shoot. The photographs of our children are gorgeous, we cannot express enough how happy with are with them. We recommend Abby to all our friends because the photography that she produce is truly outstanding. Thank you Abby!”

If you live in an area of outstanding beauty that you are very happy to live in, I would love to capture you and your family, including dogs, cats, horses, ducks and other pets as a memory of special times. Why don’t you contact me by email abby@abbywilkes.com or call me on 0121 7459926 to have a chat about a family photo shoot.