Bunnies on the beach

Bunnies on the beach

Bunnies on the beach! If we can’t get the sunshine here, let’s find some.

Instead of the usual chocolate bunnies and eggs, I thought I would share some more images I took when I was invited by one of my wonderful clients to go to Mustique


It’s a gorgeous island that was put on the map by Lord Glenconner who wanted to create a private island for those who wanted a different kind of holiday. See my previous my previous postsĀ https://www.abbywilkes.com/destination-photography/hollywoodmeetsmustique/

The children were given bunnies to look after and as we have bunnies at our home, we spent enough time with with bunnies and showing the children how to look after them, how to hold them and what foods they are allowed to have. My client is a very creative and fun loving person who is a stylist in her own right and she came up with the idea to have bunnies on the beach! Of course we had to keep in mind that it would be too hot for them more into the day, so the plan was hatched and it was quite an expedition to get the bunnies to the beach and more over, keep them in a ‘confined’ area so they would not escape as which would not have a great outcome.

We had lots of laughter, enough manic moments of chasing after the rabbits and a sigh of relief when we could take them home to their beloved hutch again.

A beach is rather unusual yet if you would like your child to be photographed with their pet, whether it’s a rabbit, dog, cat or horse, why don’t you contact me to discuss this in more detail?

I look forward to hear from you.

Happy Easter everyone