Branding Photography


Thank you for considering me to photograph you and show the amazing person you are behind the brand, the business that has all of your passion. Let’s show the world!Before going ahead with any session we will have an initial Skype consultant to see what you are looking for, who is your ideal client and how do they want to see you, how to prepare for the photo shoot and how to fine tune options, ideas etc.

Working with Abby includes:

Personalization. I treat every photo shoot as a new experience, there is nothing formulaic about your photo shoot. I dive deep into you, your business, your passion to really create a photo shoot made for you

Our pre photo shoot consultation involves a personalised one to one strategy and branding session to really refine and connect. We will create a visual using your favourite images that you have seen, and anywhere else you find inspiration. This time ahead of the photo shoot I will do a recce of the location(s) when possible, alternatively I will do online research. Travelling time to and from the photo shoot location(s)

The photo shoot. As your photo shoot will be bespoke to you and your vision, it will be customised to keep your (potential) clients in mind and will be authentic you in an inspirational and aspirational way. We will create images that will work perfectly for you, your business, and your life, for many years to come.Working together.

This working relationship does not end where the camera stops. After your shoot, you will have access to an online gallery which is password protected. Seeing them in a gallery you will truly see how your images represent online. We will go through your images together and strategically make the best choices. I am here to help; your images are a representation of my work so I am passionately committed to helping you find the best marketing tools possible.

Once we have decided which will be your final working images, I will personally custom retouch the images to make them shine and make them print and website ready.

You will receive your final chosen images on a USB stick hand edited, colour corrected in high and low resolution.

Minimum 10 days turn around to give your pictures the ultimate post production treatment.

Please note by law all photographers always retain copyrights to all of their work, unless you would like to purchase exclusive copyright, giving your images full confidentiality. By being photographed you agree for the photographer to use images of you in their portfolio and materials. Abby Wilkes will never sell your images to a third party without written consent.