Bohemian Barcelona

Bohemian Barcelona

This summer I had the opportunity to go to Barcelona and find a different side of this amazing city that not many tourist know of.

Ahead of my travels I did some research ‘boho Barcelona’ ‘bohemian Barcelona’, even ‘spiritual Barcelona’. Not much came up, mainly where to shop on Diagonal and that did not even give that much information.

I believe in the Universe, and that we are given messages, directly and indirectly, if only we were more aware of them. Since 2014 I have been more in tune with my intuition, gut feeling and being more me and ‘just’ yes just enjoying life, less eye on the must/should/would/could/suppose to.

I was in Barcelona to collect our son who was there to practise his Spanish at a Spanish school while staying with a Spanish host family. When we met up, I said I would love to meet his host family so we took the bus and in it took us a fair bit, or so I thought, out of the centre to their apartment. What a warm welcome and I love that in this apartment they had a chicken walking around! I love the relaxed attitude most of the Spanish people have. I asked her about this bohemian area that I read about yet could not find much info on and she looked at me and said ‘Well, it’s here!’ you are right in the Bohemian district of Barcelona, it’s called District of Gracia, Barri de Gracia, let me walk you around.

Unbeknown to me, the locals were preparing for the Gracia’s Street Festival (Festa Major de Gracia) (there are always lots of festivals going on in Barcelona and Spain) where the different streets in the area compete with each other by creating different art themes and create a look and all they use are recycled items, from plastic bottles, bubble wrap to fizzy drink cans. The artistic artistry is out of this world.

First of all the energy in the area is amazing, authentic, and arty. I felt at home straightaway and to be honest could have stayed. I already looked for apartments to rent, it will have to wait to a bit later but I shall be back!

Have a look at the lovely shops in the Career de Verdi which is just heaven if you are looking for authentic independent shops like www.Pia Jewels & Design who sells organic and ethnic jewellery. I have already convinced my husband that we so shall be back here to have our wedding anniversary rings made by Pia, who at the time I was there, was enjoying a well deserved holiday in Hawaii. Her website is

Wonderful little restaurants like La Baignoire Cafe. to Maraduma with the most exquisite beads, and jewellery supplies. She can make you bracelets and necklaces with the items of your choice.

There are many little squares, Placa del Diamond, Placa de Sol, Placa de Virreina (with an amazing ice cream parlour) with cafes, don’t expect everyone to speak English which makes it so wonderful; I don’t speak Spanish very well yet we were smiling and laughing when I tried to order food and have a conversation; I felt so welcome!

Discover the other Barcelona, Come to Gracia, and don’t forget to come to Verdi!