Organic carrots

these are not the prettiest of carrots but gosh they were the tastiest I have ever tasted.

I was driving to meet a friend at Daylesford (another story to follow) and on the way there I noticed this small stand by the side of the road ‘farm vegetables for sale’. As I’m always someone who likes to try new things, I decided to make a stop on my way home.

It was great to speak to the farmer’s wife who only has a small stand in the lay-by when she has the time and I bought, amongst other vegetables, this lovely bunch of carrots which of course I photographed.

Every time I’m in the area I will look out for her, but she must be very busy as I haven’t seen her lately.

Whenever you see farm shop or for example, Charlecote Park (National Trust) has a separate shop at the entrance (you don’t have to pay to go to the farm shop) where they sell gorgeous flowers and the most yummy fruit and vegetables.