It’s the simple things in life

Yes it’s old news; we’re being bombarded by make more money, eat healthier, make a plan, the list is too long. Social media is too long. Yes, I love Instagram, Pinterest, yet more often than not the words ‘just be’ come to mind. Why do we think that we ‘need’ all this information overload.

I have made the choice recently to not look for happiness and feeling great on the outside, I’ve started to look inwards. And what came out is the self care. That does not mean that you have to go to the beauty therapist and go extra to the hairdresser. It means doing the small things that you love. For example I love walking barefoot through the garden; yes, even now that I am in autumn/fall I love the zest of the freshness that I meet and gosh it makes me feel alive. When you walk around, whether it’s in a town or in nature, look up! You will notice something different. When you’re at a cafe don’t talk negative about other people, look how their connection is with the people they’re with instead.

We’re here to enjoy life, by just being you. If you are at ease and peace with yourself, everything else will fall into place.