Apples and plums

Last year we planted an apple tree, well tree, it’s a lovely dinky little sprig we got from a nursery.

Much to our surprise it gave us approximately 6 apples this year and carefully we took a bit and yummy! That night they were used as apple sauce with our meal, and that’s not necessarily pork!

The plums were also delicious.

The colours of both were divine I could not help myself and take a couple of photos and the plums were also eaten with some pistachio ice cream and warmed honey.

We are now year on and we realised we planted the apple tree in the wrong area and it’s not so happy. Now what to do with the apple tree? The universe helped me with my decision as I photographed a mum with her beautiful daughters and one of the girls mentioned that they had moved and she was so sad that she could not bring her apple tree with her. That was it! Issue sorted! The week after my husband and I delivered our apple tree to their new house and now has a beautiful sunny spot in their garden.

It’s wonderful to see how situations arise and their is a solution or an opportunity that comes out of this. What was yours and did you act on it?