Bali – Alchemist

Bali – Alchemist

“Is Bali really the place to be? The hype, just for hippies?” I’m being asked this question a lot.

Bali has this magic which you won’t understand until you’ve been to Bali. Is the location in Bali. Well, I did some research and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the people who are visiting Bali who give it the vibe and keep the vibe on a high level and therefore it attracts like-minded people who keep the spiritual vibe/flame going.

On a beautiful warm evening end of January, I happen to meet Alison Downey and I was mesmerized; by her beauty, her energy (out of this world!) and the raw, feminine power residing inside her. Little did I know that she’s an ecstatic dance teacher. We connected immediately, the flow, every so important natural flow of us meeting, Alison looking for images that truly represented her, her divine power and the workshops she wanted to bring to the people.

Here are some images of our amazing shoot at Bambu Indah; a most beautiful jungle retreat set within the most stunning Javanese and Balinese style homes at a luxury level.

Alison is a true alchemist to help you awaken your deepest soul essence and allow you to become more of who you truly are in a joyful way. Ahead of the shoot Alison said “I don’t know what to do, I won’t look great!” Don’t worry, I’ll take you by the hand and we’ll have a great time. And so it was.

The images were taken at several amazing locations at Bambu Indah, it’s a photographer’s dream. Here are some images