Autumn at Baddesley Clinton

Autumn at Baddesley Clinton

Short but sweet, autumn at Baddesley Clinton.

Recently I did a mini session with one of my clients and we choose the wonderful and magical Baddesley Clinton in Warwickshire. It is nestled in beautiful wooded area near Lapworth and the road meanders to Baddesley Clinton. National Trust properties are not just about the houses, the gardens are truly stunning and inspirational. Not only are very child friendly and they do a very fine roast dinner to if you get peckish. National Trust is now open longer throughout the year so a fresh morning walk in early winter with a reward of a nice warm drink will get everyone excited. A couple of weeks ago they had an open day for a walk in near the grounds of Baddesley Clinton we were all surprised how pleasant and stunning the landscape was.

If you haven’t been yet it is definitely worth a visit It is for all ages and the National Trust is really working hard to make it enjoyable for everyone and has many activities throughout the year so please do check out their website

The way I conduct my photo shoot is that I direct initially by making suggestions to the children and parents what to do or start a game and then step away and photograph what is happening. This creates a wonderful relaxed atmosphere and keeps children happy while I’m able to capture their true self. In this photo shoots the parents were my assistants to make them laugh and man oh man did they laugh; we all could not stop laughing at one stage and it set the atmosphere for the rest of the photo shoot.

Once a year I have mini sessions, which are shorter in time and a couple of packages are offered, to suit people’s budgets. If you are interested and would like to be notified of a future mini portrait session, please contact me on