Abby is like a kindred spirit

Abby is like a kindred spirit

‘I did my research for a photographer eight months in advance of booking. I was looking for a photographer for my special birthday party that I was holding at Hogarth Hotel in Solihull (

I contacted three different photographers yet knew the moment that I spoke with Abby, that she was the person that I wanted for my special day. The most important thing for me was that I needed to feel relaxed and appear natural in the pictures of me with my friends. She was on board immediately and understood everything I wanted.

We met up before my big day. Abby let me talk about my friends and family and also listened to some ideas I had for specific images. I felt as though I had known Abby for years and that I was talking with a kindred spirit. Abby was completely in sync with everything. I felt she was genuinely interested in my needs and was keen to hear about who was attending and why these people were important to me.

The day at Hogarths was amazing. Abby was already waiting for us when we arrived; she had walked round the grounds to get a feel for the place and get ideas of her own for ideal photo taking. Abby made all of us feel at ease and she blend into the background, so that the majority of photos taken were natural, not posed. A couple of friends have a real hate of having their photos taken so it was important they were relaxed and unaware of when the camera was clicking in the hope of getting good pictures of them.

Abby surpassed all of my expectations in what I wanted to achieve from this party. Some of my friends claim that they are not photogenic – and although I would not agree (they are beautiful people), Abby not only captured stunning photos of them, but also the amazing atmosphere of the day.

Thank you Abby for capturing one of the best days in my life, with the people that I love and treasure most in the world.

Caroline B.