5 day black and white challenge

5 day black and white challenge

The 5 day black and white challenge I was nominate for by my wonderful fellow photographer Susie Lawrence, who is an amazing photographer, www.susielawrence.com, and whom I would love to second shoot a wedding in France, or anywhere in Europe for that matter, if the opportunity ever arises.

As you may have noticed I do not photograph that much for black and white, not that I do not like it, quite the contrary, yet my colours are more dusky/dusty in their finish and my clients love that look and feel. Even the die hard ‘I only want black and white images’ clients have the tendency to go for colour as during my pre consultation with my client I find out what colours they love, how their house is styled and I take all that into my photo shoot, so the end result matches their style.

Nevertheless, after having been given this challenge, as a typical photographer, you wade through many images and still looking for the ‘perfect’ one. I told myself I had to find an image within 5 minutes maximum and not be too analytical.

These are the images that I posted and I am very appreciative of the wonderful comments I received. I might just venture out to creating more black and white image in the future.

On my last day, the three sisters I wrote the following:

Day 5 of the B&W challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed it, making me think, and looking for variety. Thanks Susie Lawrence for the nomination. The final image is about sisterhood and their strong connection, a very important part of my way of photographing people and most of all gratitude, having special people in your life to share memories with because it makes us happy.

When was the last time you had family memories with all important people in the photo? Why don’t you give me a call to chat how I can make it happen for you; email abby@abbywilkes.com, or call me on +44 (0)121 745 9926.