2019 Travel Schedule

2019 Travel Schedule

Photo shoot locations around the world in 2019 (more locations to come)


Bali – 23rd January – 20th February 2019

Australie (West (Perth area) and/or East Coast (Brisbane/Byron Bay area)  8th February – 17th February 2019

Mid July 2019 ~ Ireland/Dublin

July/August 2019  south of France

August/September 2019 Ibiza, Spain

September – Paris

1-6th October – Italy

end of October 2019 – Ibiza, Spain

In between travel, I photograph in the UK, London, Scotland, Ireland, The Netherlands.

If you are interested in a location not listed here, please reach out to me and I am more than happy to discuss adding it to the schedule.  In 2018 I added Milan last minute on my way back from Ibiza to the UK. Let me know!