Personal branding

Personal branding

When you are in your zone of genius you feel alive; you’re aligned with what you do best and it doesn’t see like effort, how crazy is that?

I’m now on this amazing journey of supporting people, mainly women, who I am aligned with because, guess what, if you’re happy, I’m happy.


How easy is that?


One of those people I met is Sara Ann, not only is she one of those beautiful souls who in the gentlest way; she guides you how to love yourself more and that’s in all possible directions.


She creates a safe space and with her team by being yourself, being creative, and play,which we don’t do enough by the way, it’s a beautiful homecoming in all senses.


I’m honoured that Sara Ann asked me to join her at her retreats, where I photographed the activities and the beautiful delegates (more in a separate post). Sara Ann also booked me for a personal branding photo shoot. ¬†After her photo shoot I asked her for some feedback; in her own words:


In Sara Ann’s own words:

Working with Abby was the most magical experience I’ve had. I cannot see myself ever doing a photo shoot with anyone but Abby!

She is amazing at making you feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. Her attention to detail and her research before the photo shoot really comes through, because she absolutely captures the essence of who you are and what your brand is about.

When they say a picture speaks a thousand words, Abby’s photos speak more than a thousand words for you and your brand.

With a simple photo, your clients understand who you are and what you deliver, because Abby’s eye captured it.

I’ve done three photo shoots with Abby and counting!! She will be at ever event I ever have!

Sara Ann – your loveologist


I see you


I see your beautiful light. Let’s make it happen; let me reflect your light back at you for you to see who you truly are and show you how the world sees you.

It’s an honour to work with you and support you to create a beautiful collection of images that show who you truly are.